Mission Statement:

Oneonta For Equality envisions a community where students of all races, religions, nationalities, sexualities, and gender identities feel equally safe, heard, and supported. It uplifts & amplifies the voices of marginalized people in the Oneonta City School District and the broader community by providing support & advocacy for students and acting as a resource for educators around issues of race & equity.



Create elective(s) for Black Culture & African History, including Black pop culture.

Include more comprehensive Black History in existing history classes

Add more diverse culture & history lessons to home economics classes

Offer optional college prep for HBCU’s as early as 9th grade, letting students of color know there is a place specifically for them, & providing better & earlier preparation for college.

Offer a seminar geared toward black girls specifically, providing education about adultification & fetishization of black women.

Provide a closer examination of the books taught in classes

Student Engagement And Support:

Create Cultural Club for all ethnicities, including things like cooking & music classes. Get parents involved too!

Implement Big brother/Big sister/Mentorship program. Alumni could be involved too!

Incorporate more inclusive cosmetology, providing info about natural hair & skin care, especially for mixed race students in white homes (could be tied to mentoring, clubs, BOCES)

Share Instagram stories on diversity & inclusion

Plan event(s) such as a picnic, bike rides, etc.

Provide scholarships for students for college as well as class trips & senior class events

Provide resources for students experiencing racial insensitivity, bias, & violence.

Advocate for OCSD To:

Provide sensitivity training for all faculty & staff to better equip educators to create a culturally sensitive & appropriate classroom environment where all students can thrive.

Evaluate statistics on suspension & retention rates in the district by race, & incorporate findings into staff sensitivity training.

Incorporate personal stories of alumni into teacher training materials to draw attention to the sorts of things that shape students’ experiences in the district.

Keep police presence out of OHS

Support newly created race & Equity Team made up of parents, teachers, & perhaps some students (work closely with this group)